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New accounts


So okay officially I’m making new accounts for my ask blogs, because the snake Russia was so much easier to control/communicate with people on. xD

So anyways I’m moving them all.

I’m not done yet but I’ll be getting to it soon…

All(most) of the posts have been moved I just need to fix the layout and extras on it now. So its not done at all, cause its pretty… ugly right now. xD

“ask-theflowersoldier” will soon replace this blog, it will also become the sole admin so the current blog (asktheflowersoldier) will still be up, just dormant.

This blog will also become the admin of my other 2 less active Russia blogs.

So then I’ll be making another for “PastaPup” and one for “AskBossSpain” and doing the same with it.

So I’ll reblog this on those two as well to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. c:


Anonymous asked:

Can I barrow your scarf? I just had surgery on my jaw, and I need to keep heat on it so it doesn't swell anymore. I've already achieved my dream of becoming a human chipmunk.

Nyet. I can give you a hot pack for your jaw but I vill not give out my scarf… especially not to a patient. I coult give you somethink to reduce the svellink but— ah, again you are all in the vronk vart…

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